Preparing Your Home to Sell Lightning Fast

The key to getting your house sold fast comes down to the preparation Charleston real estateyou put in before you actually get the house listed. Too many home owners put the cart in front of the horse, and they call a local real estate agent, then they list the house, and the agent takes pictures of a house that is not in show condition and the sellers wonder why no one is making offers.

Try this prepare your home to sell process from Charleston SC Real Estate for Sale premier website – first before you call a local realtor and you will be amazed at the difference in how many qualified buyers come through the door.

The first thing you have to get you head around is the fact you will be moving sooner than later. That being said, start packing up your stuff today. Not everything, but get rid of all that clutter that is filling up the house and box it and ship to a local storage facility. These units cost around $50 a month, and you can fill them to the rafters with boxes.

Start by emptying closets of stuff you won’t miss for a few months. Next, get everything in the garage you are not needing and to the storage unit. The more you move out now, the less you have to pack when the house sells and the more roomy the house will look for those realtor pictures and for buyers doing a walk-through.

While you are removing your clutter to the storage facility, call a local landscaping company to transform the curb appeal of the house. Have the landscaping team cut the grass, trim all the bushes and trees, plant new flowers, and mulch any areas that need some love. Hire a power washing company to clean the gutters, siding, fences, patio area, driveways, and walkways. The key here is getting as many potential buyers driving by to get emotionally connected to your house.

Call in a local cleaning service to restore the inside of the house too. This means having the carpets professionally steam cleaned, the upholstery, tiles, and all the windows too. If any rooms need some new paint or touch-up, now is the time to get things in order before the first person even steps foot in the front door.

The goal to prepare your home to sell is to get the house in model-like condition. These potential buyers need to walk in and just instantly fall in love with your home. Once that happens, the selling part is easy.